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About Us

Our Purpose

We create world-class digital experiences.

We began Wok Digital in 2011 specifically to address the need for digital experiences to be conceived of, created, and maintained as living products. Our work is firmly rooted in user-centered design, and we believe that all of your objectives can be accomplished by designing ways to improve your user’s experience. Our process hinges on creating product experiences that enable success by understanding, engaging, and enabling users.

We dig in and work with our clients to think on a higher level about how its audience, users, and stakeholders will interact with and communicate with their brand. We believe in testing assumptions, directly engaging stakeholders, and always keeping users at the center of the process.

Our Values

People First

We strive to keep human experience at the center of everything we do — from the business relationships we engage in to the digital environments we create.

Collaboration is Key

Two (or more) minds are better than one, so we collaborate early and often.

Quality Over Scale

Our team is the right size to take on the projects we value, and we are committed to staying closely connected to the impact and importance of what we are creating.

Digital Excellence

We practice what we preach to our clients. We embed digital best practices in every way we work.

Our Approach

We utilize 4 connected work-streams to conceive and deliver measurable results for your business.

The foundation of great design lies in properly understanding who we’re creating for. Typically, the first month of our engagement is spent gathering information about your business and users through quantitative and qualitative data. We use this information to create an objective and identify metrics to measure our progress.

With our objective clearly defined, we work with you to brainstorm strategies to create an immediate and measurable impact on your business. Each strategy is coupled with a hypothesis, and prioritized by importance and effort level. The top strategies are put into a quarterly action plan and the remaining ideas are saved for the next iteration.

It’s now time to jump in and get our hands dirty. Moodboards, site maps, wireframes, and designs are produced and our team of strategists, designers and developers work with your team to create a beautiful and functional final product.

After the project is launched, we immediately begin to gather data and track performance indicators. We then optimize and fine-tune as needed. We cycle this process until we are certain the best results have been achieved.

Executive Team

At Wok Digital, we take a round-table approach to our team. Everyone contributes, and everyone has a voice.

William Miranda

Founder & Experience Director

William is a digital expert with over 15 years of experience in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical marketing. William cofounded WOK DIGITAL where he leads operations, design, and products & services strategy, as well as championing digital thought leadership for the company. He began his career as lead digital art director for Bristol-Myers’ internet marketing group, and later worked as a digital art director and UX designer for Ogilvy CommonHealth and ICC Lowe Trio.

Cory Miranda

Founder & Development Director

Cory possesses the two essential skills a Development Director needs to have in this digital age — strong digital business knowledge and a sharp understanding of emerging technologies. During his career, Cory has delivered innovative digital products and platforms for marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and pharmaceutical companies. Cory cofounded WOK DIGITAL where he leads digital product development for the company.